We are focused on improving the way Healthcare Payer, Provider and Life Sciences organization address constant regulatory changes, pressures on the bottom line and differentiating themselves in a crowded market.  Successful Healthcare organizations understand the importance of managing the way they operate to achieve their business goals, especially in light of the growth of ACOs, Value-based Payments and telehealth.


Business Process Improvement

Healthcare organizations needs to evaluate their processes regularly to keep costs in check, ensure adherence to regulatory changes, and to grow market share cost-effectively.  Our consultants have extensive experience in analyzing existing processes and determining how they compare to best practices, in the areas of sales and marketing, underwriting, billing, claims, and analytics.  We realize, however, that there is not a “one size fits all” approach based solely on best practices; we incorporate your business goals and corporate culture to create a truly actionable solution.



All healthcare organizations need to invest in appropriate analytics to make sure they have the best current view of how their business is performing.  From industry standard  measures like HEDIS, STAR, and PQRS, to innovative ways to see your customer, the effectiveness of wellness programs, CRM integrated population health management and the stratification of work items, our consultants have a thorough understanding of what needs to be measured, how to measure it and the impact on business by improving workflows based on the information. 


Outsourcing Evaluation

Mission critical processes and applications within the organization should receive top priority by your staff, non-core activities can and should be outsourced.  Outsourcing evaluations address both IT functionality (ITO) and business processes (BPO) where appropriate, and should be a consideration of a well-run company.  Outsourcing can address a lack in capability or capacity, as well as provide significant cost savings to the organization. 


IT and Business Alignment

As healthcare organizations develop their annual IT budget, they often succumb to the latest technology developments and buzz words, without a thorough analysis of the return on their investment.  Will your IT investments provide the biggest bang for your buck, ensuring your internal customers work more efficiently while providing a ROI that directly improves the bottom line?


Business requirements mapping, including buy vs. build analysis and vendor selection

The IT products and services industry provides excellent tools to improve your business, but there are still a lot of solutions that are oversold.  We can review your business needs and help weed out the vendors that do not fit your needs (regardless of their sales pitch), or require extensive modifications that are not cost-effective.  We also help your organization determine the true costs associated with an internal build decision, so you can better evaluate total cost of ownership against short and long term cost savings.


Project Management

Many times insurance and healthcare organizations need to embark on projects that may require a specific or unique management approach.   We have experienced project managers who can drive these projects to success.

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