Vendor services

We work extensively with vendors providing IT products and services to the insurance and healthcare industries.  We help differentiate your offerings to ensure their acceptance in this dynamic marketplace.


Sales and Marketing Strategy

We develop the presence needed to compete in the US market.  Defining your message, deciding how you spend your marketing dollars, and building and training your sales and marketing team are critical components  to meeting and exceeding your business goals.  We also provide unique Sales Force / CRM solutions to make sure you can measure your progress against your sales goals.


Product Marketing/Management

Are the products and services you are selling to the insurance and healthcare market getting the attention they need to create the market share you projected?  WKP Consulting can work with your product development team to ensure your offerings are going to be accepted by their target market and have the appeal they need to cut through vendor clutter and preferred partner lists.


Outsourcing Partnerships

As vendors continue to find ways to react to changes in the market while maintaining profitability, many are looking for offshore partners to help them with delivery and implementation.  There are many dimensions of an ideal relationship that need to be considered; cost, capability, governance and flexibility  On-shore, near-shore, India, China, Brazil, Eastern Europe, and emerging markets all have their pros and cons.  We can help you find your ideal partner.

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